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# Name Position
Benjamin Abebe
Mark Anthony Aguilar Vazquez
Reece Alexander
Elijah Amadin
3 Kleyner Bejarano
5 Kevin Belmonte
Guilherme Bertholdo
13 Jonathan Bryant
2 Michael Bryant
17 Tomas A Canale
Jose Castillo
14 Dakota Collins
8 Daniel Crisostomo
Mathew Davis
Joshua Davis
Alexander Ferreira
Armando Flores
Mark Garcia
6 Christopher Gardea
1 Hugo Gomez
30 Benito Gonzalez
11 Connor Gordon
4 Peter Gregory
16 Patrick Ianni
Mustafaa Islam
7 Kevin Jeon
gibae kim
Sam Merritt
9 Jose Montes De Oca
Rhonald Moreno Quejada
15 Erik Mueller
Ty OConnor
Bryan Ortiz
Dante Romero
Jonathan Romero
18 Cody Shelton
Bennett Sneddon
12 Daniel ten Bosch
Tristan Weber
Carlos Nathan Yepez
Daniel Yo



January 22nd, 2018

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Coaches & Staff

Paul Caliguri Head Coach
Shion Jahangiri Assistant Coach
Cyrus Navabpour Assistant Coach